Management Committee – Caboolture Lakes Bowls Club


Ray Auer 54951314
Treasurer Betty Goodwin
Assistant Treasurer Paul Mulholland
Secretary Tom Morris 54951314
Assistant Secretary Mavis Partridge 54951314
Greens Liason Officer  Ian Forsdick 54951314
Welfare Officer  
Publicity Officer Lyn Poli 54951314











Extract from the CLBC Constitution regarding the Management Committee

17. Membership of Management Committee
(1) The Management Committee of the association consists of a Chairman/Chairwoman, Treasurer, and any other members the association members elect at a general meeting.
(2) A member of the Management Committee, other than a Secretary appointed by the Management Committee under rule 14 (1) (B) (iii) must be a member of the association.
(3) At each annual general meeting of the association, the members of the Management Committee must retire from office, but are eligible, on nomination, for re-election.
(4) A member of the association may be appointed to a casual vacancy on the Management Committee under rule 20.

Extracts from CLBC By-laws regarding the Management Committee and Executive Committee

2.1.3 The candidates for the Management Committee shall be an ordinary, life or merit award member for at least one (1) calendar year prior to the date of the election.
2.2.3 The Executive Committee comprising Chairperson, Secretary. Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer shall meet when necessary to ensure the expedient and proper operation of the Club.
Each such occasion is to be recorded in form of minutes and presented at the subsequent Management Committee meeting and those minutes must be presented at the next Management Committee Meeting.

Appendix 1   Management and Executive Committees
A1.1 Chairperson
A1.2 Treasurer
A1.3  Assistant Treasurer
A1.4  Secretary
A1.5  Assistant secretary
A1.6  Greens Liaison Officer
A1.7  Welfare Officer
A1.8 Publicity Officer