Coaching – Caboolture Lakes Bowls Club

Bowls Coaching

It is policy that all new bowlers attend coaching lessons prior to them starting in any social or competitive games.   Coaching is also available to all members wishing to improve their game.  Should you wish to attend coaching lesson, free of charge, please contact the club on 54951314 to organise a coaching sesson.

Accredited coaches at Caboolture Lakes Bowls club are:

Mick Schulz        Tim McInerney        Kaye McInerney              

Marie Heath         Dot Kennedy          


Bowling tips for beginners

  • The larger ball is a bowl
  • The small white or yellow ball is the jack.
  • The club supplies these for casual players.
  • The aim of the game is to get your bowl as close to the jack as possible.
  • The bowl has icons on each side. Keep the small icon on the inside of your delivery.
  • The Bowls don’t roll in a straight line, but in a curve.
  • You stand on a mat (supplied by the club) and bowl from alternate ends.
  • The green is very short grass and a ditch surrounds it.
  • The green consists of a number of rinks. You play on a rink.