Games Committee

2021 Games Committee

Position Name Contact No
Men’s President  Kev Appleton
Men’s Vice President  Paul Mulholland 54951314
Junior Vice President  Dave Eldridge
Club Umpire  Ken Hallett
Greens Liaison Officer  Ian Forsdick
Men’s Games Director   Tom West
0468 890 144
Men’s Asst Games Director  Mike Dawe
Men’s Selectors Tom West, Kev Appleton, Mike Dawe, Lionel Nolan, Rae Smith
See Club Diary
Ladies President Lyn Poli  0411 194 079
Ladies Games Director  Lyn Poli (acting) 0411 194 079
Ladies Selectors  Judy Wyman, Heather McWilliams
Social Committee   Bob Saunders and Gwen McVeigh
MBLDBA Ladies Delegate   54951314
MBDBA Men’s Delegate  Tom Morris 54951314
Publicity Officer  Lyn Poli  0411 194 079
Office Assistants  Lionel Nolan, Greg Hanna, Kaye McInerney, Tim McInerney, Paul Mulholland and Kevin Firth

CLBC By-laws regarding the Games Committee

A2   Games Committee – Men’s and Ladies

A2.1  President

A2.2  Vice President

A2.3  Games Director

A2.4  Assistant Games Director

A2.5 Committee Members

3. Duties and Responsibilities of Men’s and Ladies Games Divisions

3.1 The Men’s and Ladies Games Divisions shall be responsible for the administration of all bowling affairs and conduct all competitions, games and events individually and separately, except mixed events which shall be the responsibility of the Men’s Division in accordance with the Laws of the Sport of Bowls, Crystal Mark 2nd Edition (including domestic regulations), Bowls Queensland Constitution and By Laws, and the Moreton Bay District Bowls Association and the Moreton Bay District Ladies Bowls Association Constitutions and By Laws.

 3.2 Each Division shall act on behalf of the Club in matters associated with the affiliated Men’s and Ladies’ Bowls Associations.

 3.3 The Games Division shall be responsible to the Management Committee for all monies received.

3.4 The Management Committee will provide trophies and arrangements for their presentation when appropriate.