Resignation and Transfers – Caboolture Lakes Bowls Club

Resigning from Caboolture Lakes Bowls Club

Should you wish to resign from Caboolture Lakes Bowls Club, you are required to submit your resignation in writing to the club secretary and you should receive an acknowledgement of your resignation.   Please be aware that if you do not resign in writing and the club pays your fees on your behalf to Bowls Queensland and the district, you could be classed as a defaulter – this means you would not be eligible to play bowls at any affiliated club in Queensland.

Joining another bowls club in Queensland

Should you wish to join another bowls club in Queensland, even if you are remaining a member of the original club, you will require an inter club clearance (which is only valid for three months).   You are not eligible to transfer into another club without an inter club clearance.   This will provide the following information:

  • The name of the club you will be joining (or it can be an open clearance if you are not sure of the new club)
  • your Bowls Queensland membership number
  • your full name
  • the date you have completed your financial obligations to the current club to
  • whether you will be remaining a member of the current club
  • if you are an accredited umpire, giving all your details
  • if you are an accredited coach, giving all your details
  • if you are under order of suspension or explusion

This is to ensure that the club you are joining has all the relevant information.

Please be advised that the issuing of an inter club clearance is not a resignation, you still have to resign in writing if you are leaving the original club.

Joining a bowls club Interstate

Should you wish to join a club interstate, a Bowls Queensland inter club clearance is not valid.   Please contact the club secretary and ask them to complete a Bowls Queensland Application for Interstate Clearance.   This form will be forwarded to Bowls Queensland for action and the interstate clearance will be forwarded to the relevant state body.