Courtesies During Games – Caboolture Lakes Bowls Club

Bowlers should address one another by their given names during the course of a game. It is good sportsmanship to acknowledge displays of exceptional skill. Flukes are simply revelations of unrecognised opportunities. They balance out over time, so it serves no purpose to take too much notice of them. After games, the graceful losers should congratulate the modest winners. They should avoid making excuses for their lack of success on the day a topic of conversation.

Bowlers should fairly share the task of kicking bowls after completion of an end. Bowlers should give the skip their loyal support and comply with directions. If the skip’s bowl remains in the ditch from the previous end, teammates should dust it and place it handily near the mat before changing ends.

Opposing leads should facilitate play by courteously handing the mat and jack to each other, as convenient. Bowlers can similarly hand bowls to one another when convenient. The enjoyment of a game of bowls is diminished if either team indulges in gamesmanship. Inconsiderate distractions such as loud noises or conversation, visible movement of players objects or shadows, impact of kicked bowls, etc should be avoided while a bowler is on the mat preparing for delivery.

Bowlers should avoid delaying play by leaving the rink without consent. They should avoid asking to leave the green unless there is a reasonable necessity. They should avoid interfering with the head until the result of the end has been agreed. If an opponent has obviously not counted all the bowls the team is entitled to count, good sportsmanship should prevail.

Bowlers should shake hands at the end of a game. After games, players should sit with their opponents. Home team players should offer visitors refreshment. After domestic games, winners are normally the first to offer drinks. After singles matches, markers should be included in the invitation. Considerate thought and common sense are the keys to acceptable standards. Courteous losers normally reciprocate in turn.

In changing ends, bowlers should avoid straying on to neighbouring rinks or otherwise distracting play on them. Borrowed personal items such as tape measures should be returned to their owners with thanks. Mats and jacks should be collected and returned to the usual distribution point. Bowlers should treat one another, the way they expect to be treated by others.