Weekly Results

Happy to put photos and results here for weekly bowls.  Email photos and names to caboolturelakesbowlsclub@gmail.com after the games. Cheers Lyn Poli.

Weekly Results

Thurs 7 Jan 2021 – Winners Thommo, Yvonne Parsons and Macca Merchant

Thurs 7 Jan 2021 – Runners Up – Derek James, Neil O’Driscoll and Lyn Poli – no photo (too blurry)

Thurs 17 December 2020 Winners Bob Heterick, Mitch Townsend and Barry Gough

Thurs 17/12/2021 – Runners up Bob (Jen) Saunders, Dave McPherson and Tom West

Thurs 3/12/2020 winners Lester Bechley, Noel Lanes and Michael Dunn

Thurs 3/12/2020 Runners up Derek James, Neil O’Driscoll and Lyn Poli – sorry no photo.


Thurs 26/11/2020 Winners Kev Appleton and Jim Delaney

Thursday 26/11 Runners Up Dennis Parsons, Mike Dawe and Geoff Harper

Thurs 19/11/2020 Bob Heterick, Betty Goodwin, Barry Gough

Thurs 19/11/2020 Runners Up – Paul Mulholland, Lionel Nolan and Neill Longhurst


Thurs 12/11.2020 Winners – Barry Phillips, Geoff Lacey and Ray Auer

Thursday 12/11/2020 Runners Up -Tim McInerney, Barry Smith and Yvonne Godfrey

Thursday 5-11-2020 – Winners Dave Charlton and Greg Hanna – apologies the photo was to blurry to pubish.


Thursday 5-11-2020 Runners up Dave McPherson, Tom West and Bob Saunders


Thursday 29/11/2020 Winners – Barry Gough Betty Goodwin and Bob Heterick

Thursday 29/10/2020 – Runners Up Raymond Auer, Lorna Smith and Tim McInerney


3/10/2020 Men’s Championship Pairs final winners Barry Gough and Bob Heterick

3/10/2020 Saturday Social play winners Derek James and Lyn Poli

3/10/2020 Saturday Social Play Runners up – Mick Schulz and Mike Dawe

1/10/2020 Thursday Triples winners – John Dunn, Noel Lanes and Greg Stanaforth

1/10/2020 Thursday Triples runners up – Geoff Harper, Bob (Jen) Saunders and Chairman Raymond Auer

26/9/2020 Saturday – Men’s Championship Pairs Semi Finals Winners Finals – Barry Gough, Bob Heterick and Kev Appleton, Jim Delaney are all through to the final.

26/9/2020 Saturday Social Bowls winners – Tim McInerney, Greg Mooney and Bob (Jen) Saunders.  Runners up were Henny de Winter and Mike Dawe but not photo this week.

24/9/2020 Thursday Triples winners – Barry Gough, Betty Goodwin and Bob Heterick

24/9/2020 Thursday Triples Runners Up – Lindsay Ross, Trev Wright and Bill Hennessy

17/9/2020 Thursday Triples winners – the Kilcoy boys – Lester Bechly, Michael Dunn and Noel Lanes

17/9/2020 Thursday Triples runners up – Lindsay, Trev and Tony

12/9/2020 Saturday Social winners – Kaye McInerney, Mike Dawe and Lyn Poli
12/9/2020 Saturday Social runners up – Lionel Nolan, Gary Pursehouse and Tim McInerney

10/9/2020 Thursday Triples – Winners Rae Smith, Steve Eastment and Dave Wodson

10/9/2020 Thursday Triples – Runners Up Yvonne Godfrey and Barry Smith

5/9/2020 Saturday Social Play – Winners Lance Belleville, Mick Schulz and Mike Dawe.  Farewell to Lance and all the best for your new life in Mackay.


15/8/2020 Saturday Open Social Bowls – Winners – Greg Mooney, Bob Hetrick and Neil Longhurst

15/8/2020 Saturday Open Social Bowls Runners Up – Derek James, Steve Jolliffe and Rae Smith – welcome back to bowls Rae after a stint on the sideline.

13/8/2020 – Thursday Triples winners Mike Dawe, Dennis Parsons and Ken Taylor

13/8/2020 – Thursday Triples Runners up – Margie Woodcroft, Wayne Woodcroft and Ken Forrester

8/8/2020 – Triples winners Neil O’Driscoll, Sharryn Lang,and Lyn Poli

8/8/2020 Saturday Triples runners up – Wayne Woodcroft, Ken Forrester and and Tony Verdonck.


6/8/2020 Thursday Triples winners Yvonne Parsons, Dave McPherson and Tom West

6/8/2020 Thursday Triples Runners up Betty Goodwin, Michael Dunn and Lester Bechly.